About Us

This active line was created by Catalina Legere in Terra Cotta, Ontario in 2021. As a personal trainer, athlete, mom, wife and entrepreneur, Catalina felt the need to create a women-owned clothing line in Canada to help motivate and empower women from all ages living an active lifestyle.
Bringing this brand to life has been Catalina’s dream for about 6 years as she recognized the need of a Canadian fitness apparel brand to offer flattering, high quality and functional designs. She wanted to offer unique pieces for women created by women and an enhanced customer experience.

“I know what feeling good in your fitness wear can do for you, your motivation, and self esteem" - Catalina.

Instagram: @activae_apparel
Facebook: @activaeapparel

Our Mission

We aim to help women create an active lifestyle mindset. We want to show women they can pursue their passions, take on every challenge that comes her way, live a healthy lifestyle and have some fun, all while feeling confident and being comfortable.

We hope that every one of you gets to experience what it is like to be an Activae woman.